Watex WX005 Water Traveling Tractor Sprinkler

Watex Budget Tractor Sprinkler

If you are considering all your options before purchasing a budget tractor sprinkler, have a look at the Watex WX005. This amazing traveling sprinkler has similarities to other more commonly known brands, as well as some unique features that make it different. This walking sprinkler system is ideal for extra large lawns, fields, or garden areas.

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Watex WX005 Traveling Water Sprinkler

If you are tired of moving a stationary sprinkler from one place to the next,  there is in fact a better solution for watering your lawn and garden. The Watex WX005 tractor sprinkler is a practical solution for watering your lawn.  All you need to do is hook it up the hose, position the hose for the ideal travel path, and turn on the water. The Watex tractor sprinkler will do the rest!

Durable Construction

The durable construction of this tractor sprinkler is very similar to other tractor sprinklers available on the market. Made from heavy duty cast-iron, this sprinkler is build to last. Although some of the internal parts are plastic, typically they are easy to replace as needed.

The Watex WX005 walking sprinkler is self-propelled by water pressure that activates an internal transmission making the wheels slowly rotate. The Watex sprinkler’s front wheels force tractor along the course of your hose, for up to 200 feet! The recommended hose would be a 5/8″ garden hose or a 1/2″ hose.  Any smaller diameters will not be as effective or stable.

Traveling Sprinkler Settings & Adjustments

There are 2 gear speeds for users to choose from. For more thorough watering coverage, adjust the tractor sprinkler to its slowest gear setting. If you want to water an area faster, use the hire gear speed to increase the speed of the sprinkler.

This affordable tractor water sprinkler was developed with superior water distribution in mind. While traveling along the recommended 200 feet of hose, the Watex WX005 can water an area of up to 11,900 square feet, with a diameter spray coverage from 15 feet up to 45 feet. While this is slightly less impressive than other water tractor sprinklers online, this particular sprinkler is more affordable.

Watex Tractor Sprinkler Details and Specifications

  • Dimensions: 26.5 x 18.5 x 11.5 inches
  • Product Weight: 13.4 pounds
  • Watex Part No. Watex
  • Model No. WX005
  • Shipping Weight: 16.6 pounds
  • Hose: Not Included (recommended 5/8″ or 1/2″ hose)

Watex Manufactures Warranty

Manufacturer’s warranty can be requested from customer service. Click here

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