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Lawn Rescue Traveling Sprinkler

Lawn Rescue Traveling Sprinkler Review
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A traveling sprinkler is an easy way out of constantly having to keep up with your lawn, as far as watering it is concerned. While you might not have any flowers or other plants growing on it, your grass still needs water to thrive and survive! We know that watering and keeping up with its needs can be tedious, however.

That’s where traveling sprinklers come in handy. While most are only operable on small, flat lawns, traveling sprinklers simply travel along a path that you set on your lawn, and deliver water at a specific rate and speed. They travel through a water propulsion system that propels both the water coming out of the pump and the wheels going forward.

One sprinkler, in particular, the Lawn Rescue Traveling Sprinkler, is a great purchase to make and can be a great solution to keeping your lawn looking great, especially if you’re on the go or if your job forces you to work long hours. Let’s take a look at the positive features of the Lawn Rescue Traveling Sprinkler and the negative features, as well.

Custom Settings and Much More

The Lawn Rescue Traveling Sprinkler will truly come to the rescue of your lawn – with adjustable settings, a killer warranty, and a huge area of coverage, you’ll surely get the most out of this traveling sprinkler. Let’s take a closer look.

  • Watering Area – The watering area is the maximum area that a traveling sprinkler can traverse and successfully water. The Lawn Rescue Traveling Sprinkler can cover an astounding 16,500 feet of your lawn, a massive amount of coverage for such a small device!
  • Adjustable Settings – A tractor sprinkler wouldn’t be worth our time if wasn’t able to accommodate your watering preferences. The Lawn Rescue Tractor Sprinkler has a couple adjustable settings, settings that will certainly save your water bill from unnecessary expenses. The rate at which the water flies out can be adjusted from minimum to maximum, which ensures that you won’t be shelling out unnecessary amounts of water on your grass. The speed of the tractor can also be adjusted, as well. The speed is adjustable in three different ways and can vary based on how wet you’d like certain parts of your lawn to be.
  • Amazing Warranty – With anything that you spend more than fifty dollars on, you’ll want to know that you’ll be covered, in case something were to happen to the item you buy. With the Lawn Rescue Traveling Sprinkler, Melnor (The company that produces this tractor sprinkler) has you covered, with an outstanding 7-year warranty. The warranty is limited, meaning that it might not cover some of the damages incurred especially if you commit the damage yourself. It’s nice, however, to have a warranty. It’s almost like having a safety blanket – you’ll be able to have it in the case of an emergency
  • Design/Looks – Both the design and the overall looks of the Lawn Rescue Traveling Sprinkler are fantastic. Your traveling sprinkler will be the talk of your neighborhood with its glossy green paint job, its sleek black wheels, and its small but aerodynamic body.

Functionally, it appears to be designed with performance in mind. Its sprinkler section is wide and long, enabling optimal water coverage. Its wheels are spiked for optimal ground control, a feature that’s quite important when the traveling or tractor sprinkler is traversing your lawn.

Overall, the Lawn Rescue Traveling Sprinkler looks great, has a couple customizable features, and has a decent area of coverage. Now, we will take a look at some of the negative features of this tractor sprinkler.


  • Doesn’t Handle Inclines Well – While the sprinkler can handle flat terrain well and move along at a reasonable pace, we’ve found that it has trouble getting up hilly terrain. We aren’t just talking steep hills, either – the Lawn Rescue Traveling Sprinkler has trouble ascending the toughest inclines. You might be able to circumvent this issue by increasing the pressure on your hose or purchasing an attachment that does so, but all of this could result in an increased water bill, something that nobody wants to deal with.
  • Don’t Use it on Lush Lawns – This Melnor traveling sprinkler seems to get stuck on lawns that have lush or overgrown grass. This is probably due to the fact that the wheels are designed to stick into harder terrain or trimmed lawns. Regardless, this can be quite frustrating to deal with.
  • Slow – While it states that it can operate at three different speeds, even the fastest speed can be tantalizingly slow – you’ll find that the tractor sprinkler is only capable of operating at about 10 feet per hour. Even then, you’ll have to have the perfect ground conditions to have it operate efficiently.
  • Paint Fades – There have been reports of the paint job fading after years of prolonged sun exposure. This can detract from the overall look of the tractor sprinkler, making it difficult or embarrassing to use.

The Lawn Rescue Traveling Sprinkler in a Nutshell

We’ve just talked about a lot of things, so let’s take everything we learned and break it down. Overall, the Lawn Rescue Traveling Sprinkler is a great Sprinkler to purchase but can lack effectiveness in certain conditions.

As far as its positives are concerned, it’s easy to setup, looks great, features customizable settings, and tackles the widest of lawns. Don’t count on it performing well on all terrains; it has trouble moving up subtle inclines and doesn’t move quickly across lush or untrimmed grass. The pain is also questionable, due to the fact that it fades after repeated exposure to sunlight.

For most of us, however, many of the flaws we addressed aren’t the biggest of concerns. Most suburban lawns aren’t that hilly, and most people keep their lawns well-groomed. Long story short – the Lawn Rescue Traveling Sprinkler will get the job done if you keep up with your lawn!

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