5 Ways to Repurpose Old Garden Tools

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Give your old gardening tools to a brand new life by thinking the different use of the old toolbox. Do you have old gardening tools fallen in your backyard? Are you searching for a system to remove them out of that place so you can do different use of it? Throwing weapons off looks like a waste, even if they’re old and broken or not helpful to you, so think to reuse them rather!

Put Life Back into Those Old Gardening Tools

1. Tool Box Planter

You can leave your old toolbox here and there. But do you know you can reuse those toolboxes to decorate your garden and house? New and recent toolboxes create nice indoor or out of doors planters. It’s an easy project. You just get some soil into the box and plant a seed or small tree into them. This will save you planting space and create an exceptional garden. You can use your best expandable garden hose as a handle to move your planter if it is too heavy. Enjoy the beauty of your unused tools to decorate your house.

2. A New Take on Rakes

Rakes, when separated from the handle and hung upside down, make excellent organizers. You can hang your garden tools from one, display ornaments on it, or even apply it as a wine glass rack! This will feel like a decorated and well designed rack, also will increase the beauty of your house. Stay smart reusing your old gardening tools.

3. C-Clamp Frame

C-Clamps, whereas nice for securing objects along, additionally build glorious coat racks or bookends. It’s a great approach to repurpose your C-clamps to use as a vintage photo stand. It will be more attractive and eye-catching decoration elements of your house. So reuse your C-Clamps as photo stand and it’s a creativity.

4. Form and Function

Typically we consider of using a rake for collecting dropped leaves or leveling soil, but why can’t its purpose be a small less labor-intensive? It’s time to reimagine your old weapons for new uses in and throughout the house. This can be reused to decorate your home. Imagine the beauty of this form of tools reordering and use your old gardening tools.

5. Repurposed Pulley

Old pulleys can be repurposed into rustic-looking lights, planters, or almost anything, it seems. Learn how to create your own flexible bedside sconce like the one pictured with these step-by-step directions: Click here to see how to use this.

So, now you know some of the best ways to repurpose old tools. Focus on your design idea to reuse those tools. There are also huge ways of reusing gardening tools like garden table made from a spade, garden tools wall clock, spade head plant stand, rake head utensil holder and many more. You can use your own ideas to decorate your house with your old gardening tools.

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