What to Wear When Gardening in the Summer

Gardening Outfit Clothes Women

Gardening is a strenuous activity that demands a lot from your body. Not only that, but you’re oftentimes also exposed to the heat or adverse weather. Like any outdoor activity, there are some clothing choices that are better than others. There are even some garments that are specifically designed to make gardening easier and more comfortable.

There aren’t many differences between gardening clothes for men and gardening clothes for women. After all, these are work clothes, so utility is what counts the most. Any and all gardeners will need the bare essentials to get started. In this article, Tractor Sprinkler Hub takes a closer look at some of the most important gardening clothes you’ll want for the summer.

Gardening Hats

Best Gardening Hats

A good gardening outfit isn’t complete without a gardening hat. The best gardening hats have wide brims all the way around to give you lots of shade and UV protection. Most of them are made of breathable, vented materials, or are even woven- straw hats are a classic, and they’re still great for modern gardening!


Best Gardening Gloves

Gloves are important for protecting your hands while working with tough and dirty materials outdoors. But they can look great, too. A great pair of gardening gloves can last for years with proper care, if you get a quality pair.

Gardening Outfits

Best Garden Pants

Many gardeners keep it simple and stick with the classic white cotton t-shirt, and that definitely has its advantages. It’s bright, light, breathable, and inexpensive. However, bugs, branches, and long weeds can make it difficult to work in short sleeves. A long-sleeved cotton shirt will keep your arms clean and scratch free.

But don’t stop there! You can get lightweight gardening vests with lots of pockets to carry all the tools and trinkets you need in the garden. You can even find ones to carry your phone and thread your earphones through.

Some gardeners prefer a heavier outfit for more protection from the elements. Coveralls have remained as popular as ever and are incredibly durable. Make sure to get a pair that you can move around in; you don’t want to get material that’s too restrictive.

Other gardeners, still, like to wear shorts. While this leaves your legs exposed to brush and debris in the garden, it is certainly the lightest and coolest option. However, if you’re going to go with shorts, you may want to consider a kneeler or knee pads for those times when you have to get down on the ground.

Shoes for Gardening

The footwear you choose for gardening mostly depends on the type of environment you’ll be exposed to. Gardening boots are a versatile year-round choice for all kinds of weather. Landscaper boots are popular for gardeners who are outdoors moving around for long periods of time. However, there are garden shoes that are much more lightweight for when you don’t need all that extra protection.

Good gardening shoes have a thick, durable sole that’s flexible and gives you all the support you need when standing, squatting, and bending over. Make sure your shoes fit snugly, but not so tight that they restrict circulation to your feet.

Oh, and don’t forget about your socks. You’ll want thick socks made of wool or cotton, and quality counts. Cheap socks that tear and go threadbare are the fast track to blistery, sore feet that’ll keep you down and out of the garden.

Gardening attire is all about comfort and utility, but that doesn’t mean it can’t also be about style. Today, you can find all of the best gardening gear in a range of great designs and colors so you can feel like yourself while you’re enjoying your favorite hobby.

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