Apartment Gardening for Beginners

Beginner Gardening

Do you want to have your own beautiful garden, but aren’t fortunate enough to own a large space that’s ideal for the garden you have in mind? The good news is, there are numerous small garden ideas that will help you start a garden even on a balcony. But it can be challenging for beginners to figure out where to start.

This article focuses on apartment gardening for beginners. By the time you finish reading the article, you’ll have learned how to set up your DIY apartment garden using the Tractor Sprinkler Hub garden hacks. You’ll also get some valuable balcony garden ideas to make it flourish.

Let’s dive in.

How to Start Indoor Gardening

If you’re new to apartment gardening, you should start small. While indoor gardening is easy, some plants need more attention than others.

Before you choose the location, it is advisable to research the plants you plan to grow. Find out their specific lighting requirements and the sizes they will reach when fully grown. Different rooms may get different amounts of light and are suited to different plants.

Once you have selected the right location, choose the containers you’ll be using. This may include:

  • Store-bought patio planters
  • Hanging baskets
  • 5-gallon buckets
  • Windowsill planters

You also need to check the light provided by your windows. This will help you determine how many containers you need. You don’t want to make things look overcrowded.

How Much Space Do I Need?

You’ll need to know how large your chosen plants grow so you can draw a good plan for your DIY apartment garden. Nonetheless, even if you have a microscopic space, you can still practice some gardening.

In fact, even fire escapes and windowsills can easily become fabulous garden spaces. Try looking at your space from a three-dimensional perspective. Check if there are vertical areas you can plant or hang planters on.

Even if you don’t have vertical spaces, you can be innovative and create some. From creating trellises to piling up pots, there are numerous small garden ideas you can adapt for your small space.

What Kinds of Plants Should I Grow?

You should make the most of your apartment gardening space by selecting plants that thrive in a variety of different locations.

Bright windowsills should be reserved for flowering plants that require plenty of sunlight. If you are looking for plants that can do great in dim corners and recesses of your apartment, you can’t go wrong with peace lilies and cast iron plants.

Plants with variegated foliage, like polka dot plant, develop the best color if you place them near a bright window but away from direct sunlight.

Small potted plants look more charming in groups, so you should place them in small clusters. This increases the humidity of the surrounding air, resulting in healthier plants.

If you choose to grow trailing plants, hanging baskets are an excellent way to display them. Tabletops should be reserved for plants that are more appealing at or below eye level.

Small trees inject tranquility and tropical ambiance into an indoor setting. Palms can be a great choice as they grow slowly and don’t require intensives maintenance. If you choose small varieties, you’ll save money and enjoy their beauty and tranquility for many years.

How Often Do I Need to Attend to My Indoor Garden?

Like all other plants, there is no predetermined care formula that works for all types of apartment-friendly plants. There is a broad spectrum of care requirements depending on your choice of indoor plants.

Nonetheless, all plants need water and oxygen around their roots. Most of them also need to be fed. But if you want to minimize your care, there are several indoor and balcony garden ideas to adopt. For example, you can invest in a drip irrigation system, use self-watering pots with larger reservoirs, or grow drought-resistant, low-care plants.


By this point, you should have realized how easy apartment gardening is for beginners, and hopefully you’re looking forward to making it your newest project. Gardening is an incredibly valuable practice. Besides providing you with a charming atmosphere and other aesthetics like balcony landscaping, it also promotes your physical and mental health. The ideas and tips shared here should come in handy as you turn your apartment into a green oasis.

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