6 and 12 Station Orbit B-Hyve Wifi Sprinkler Controller Review

6 And 12 Station Orbit B Hyve Wifi Sprinkler Controllers

6 and 12 Station Orbit B-Hyve Wifi Sprinkler Controllers

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Technology has made all aspects of human life much easier, making most basic human functions much easier to perform at work and in the home. Expectedly, home improvement is one of the areas that has most benefited from technological advancements. This is understandable because home is the place where we should all find solace, and get a chance to relax and unwind.

Yet, some home appliances still require much care and attention to keep operating effectively. One such appliance is the sprinkler system. If you have a lawn and have planted grass or any other plants that require sprinkling, you know how much of a hustle it is to keep an eye on the sprinkler system. You have to ensure that the water keeps running, that the sprinkler is turned off when the plants have received enough water, that it is turned back on in the right time and so on. Walking to and from the lawn every time the sprinkler needs to be turned on and off can be really tasking.

Wifi Sprinkler System Controller

It is for this exact reason that Orbit B-Hyve came up with Wifi sprinkler system controllers. The Orbit B-Hyve 6 and 12-Station Wifi Sprinkler Controllers have made it possible for one to control their sprinkler system without having to be physically present or even near their home.

  • The Orbit B-hyve Sprinkler System Controllers are among the first Wifi sprinkler controllers in the market.
  • They are available as applications on Playstore and Appstore and work effectively on both iOS and Android.
  • With Wifi and a timer control, the app allows you to control your sprinkler system from anywhere in the world.
  • You could set the timer to work with your own customized program, or you could let the preset automatic weather-based software create a program for you in accordance with the weather patterns in your home.

They also allow you to save water by controlling the amount that is sprinkled on your lawn. By integrating the timer with Orbit 26250 Catch Cups, you can save up to 50 per cent of the amount of water that is sprinkled on your lawn everyday. This way, your lawn maintains an attractive lush green look without your water bill blowing off the roof. With inbuilt WeatherSense technology, these system ensure that the watering is done in accordance with the conditions of your lawn.

Some of the factors that the WeatherSense technology takes into consideration include topography, the soil type in your lawn, sun and shade patterns, weather forecasts as well as live weather feeds. After considering all these factors and more, the system automatically adjusts to ensure that the sprinkler delivers specific amount of water that the plants needs. This goes further into helping your preserve water.

Made in America

Being an America made product, the B-hyve is made of high quality material and packaged in a water proof case. This allows you to mount your timer either indoors or outdoors without having much concern for harsh climatic conditions. Further, the timer is kept in a locking cabinet which protects it from any harm from animals or people. It is also really easy to install and use as the swing panel allows for easy access into the wiring terminals, making wiring really simple.

Voice Activated Sprinkler

An amazing feature that the B-hyve has is the voice control function. It is compatible with Amazon Alexa, the artificial intelligence software from Amazon which integrates one’s voice into a system and turns specific phrases into commands. Therefore, you can control your sprinkling system with your voice by issuing commands into the B-hyve through Alexa. Please note that Alexa is not a part of the B-hyve sprinkler control system, and that it has to be acquired separately for you to gain access to this feature.

The 6 and 12-station sprinkler system controllers from Orbit B-hyve have similar features and perform similar functions. The only difference is the number of sprinkler systems that each can control as indicated in the names.

Admittedly, both these sprinkler system controllers are an important innovation with countless benefits. They provide unparalleled convenience and help you conserve the environment, water and even money. If you have plants on your lawn, you must consider acquiring either the B-hyve 6-station or 12-station sprinkler system controller. You will be amazed at how much you can get done without having to move an inch.

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